Rubric Updates! YEE :)

Bonjour à tous :)

Two weeks ago, my group mates and I divided our almost finished rubric. I was not able to find all the inforamtion I wanted so this past week I worked on completing this part of the research.

Below, I will share part of the rubric I was in charge of, including its 3-point system:

  1 Point 2 Point 3 Point
  Requirement Requirement Requirement
Attractive - Normal Text - Good text, - Attractive
Text/Graphics/Video - Hard to read basic text
Sound, Navigation - Complicated - Okay Navigation - Plenty of
  Navigation   multimedia
Help users - Difficult to - Easy to find - Useful hints
recognize, diagnose find help help - Build upon
and recover from - No hints - Tells user mistakes
errors - hints - Just tells mistake with - Tells mistake
  answer some detail  
Creative Options - Full creative - Allows fair - Creative
  power creative power responsibilty
Deep Shareability - - No way of - Allows limited - allows easy
Computer Clubhouses sharing sharing project share

Each member of my group did a 3-point system according to the part they were assinged. We have combined them to make a master rubric, and finalized the rubric as well. We made changes, took some things out, and discussed it together to make sure we are fully ready to move on to the coding portion of our reasearch.

This coming week and the next, my group mate Cindi and I will begin to start to foundation of our block langauge! :) We will start to mess around with Blockly’s API, which is very exciting :)

Written on October 17, 2016