Setting up Blockly :)

Hello :)

Finally, we finished everything we wanted to do with our Rubric :) And because of this, we were able to inject blockly into our github! I was able to do this for my group by following the instructions on Googles Blockly website for Developers.

The first step was cloning my groups respository and Blocky’s code from Github onto my desktop. I then was able to drag the Blockly folder into our group repository folder. The next step I took was making an HTML and CSS file on Sublime. The Blockly website then gave step by step instruction on what type of code to add into those files. It was a bit confusing at first, but after a while I was able to see what I wanted.

In addition, we decided to make the Blockly workspace a resizeable workspace, rather than a fixed size because this way our web application will resize Blockly to fill the available space on the users screen.

After putting all the code in place and viewing it in the web browers as a preview to make sure it was working, I was able to put all the work done back into our groups repository on GitHub. This is done by using 3 simple git commands: add, commit, & push :)

Now our goal for this week is to make all the blocks we need for a simple general story to work. Blocks likes move, repeat, and of the such :) We also sent our finished rubric to our Faculty Advisor who is in the Education Department at KSU. She will review the rubric and make sure that it is okay and will be useful guideline for students. Since our goal is to enhance students math, reading, and computational thinking skills in elementary school. Once she has gone over it, she will give us feedback and my mates and I will make any adjustments needed for our rubric to be prrrrfect :)

Also this week, I will be adding more blocks into our toolbox and also begining to make a simple animation with JavaScript :) WOO-HOO :)

Written on October 30, 2016