ACM Mid-Southeast Conference! :)

Herkese Merhaba :)

Meaning, Hello Everyone :) This past weeked was very exciting because it is my first Computer Science Conference that I ever attend! :) My research mates and I submitted an abstract to the ACM Mid-Southeast Chapter and it got accepted, which is why we went in the first place :) Our research group presented a twenty minute presentation at this conference explaining the purpose of our research, the rubric we created, what we are currently doing, and what we plan to do with our block language. Our abstract was presented in the category of “Undergraduate 4 Year Degree Presenations”.

Apart from our presentation, we were able to sit in at other students presentations and meet computer science student from all over the Southeast :) There were 4 sessions of presentation with 4 presenters for each of those sessions. In addition to the presentations, the conference also had poster presentations! Mostly I learned that augmented reality is becoming very popular in teaching students subjects such as color recognition and mathematics. In a couple of the presentations, I picked up some very useful knowledge and information that will help my research. Such as certain softwares they used to make their own game characters and also how to better design games for students in elementary school. One presenter I believe from the University of Tennessse used a logarithmic function to determine the difficutly of the game, which something similar could come in handy for our project.

Most of the projects that were presented have been worked on for more than a year, and it was very cool to see where they were and where they are now! It makes my groupmates and I excited to continue working on this block language to help students succeed in school with a fun storytelling adventure! This past week, my group mates and I worked on our presentation and also continue to work on making our function blocks. This coming week, we will continue to work on making the function blocks!

Written on November 14, 2016