Revisiting our Rubric for Edits

Hello :)

This past week, we continue to work witht the Blockly Developer Tools and also we recieved feedback on our rubric from the College of Education. After they reviewed our rubric, they provided some notes so that we could adjust our rubric and make it even better. In addition, we made a date as to when our first block should be done, which is December 2! If you remember from my last post, I am in charge for making the “loop” block, and right now I am researching if someone has already evaluated terminology appropriateness within demographic. This is becauase one of criteria from our rubric is appropiate terminology, so when I am building the “loop” block perhaps there is another name that I could use to better help the student users.

This coming week, I will continue to do the tasks I have been working on from above and will write in my next post how I implemented the Developer Tools and my thoughts on using it! In addition, I am making some simple but cool things with JavaScript using! What is nice is that their form of teaching is very interactive and changes between teaching styles to keep you interested! :) I find Javascript to be very similar to the other languages I know very well, specifically Java :)

Written on November 21, 2016