Final's Week! :O

G’day Mates! :)

The week of December 5 - 12 is a week most students dred…FINALS WEEKS! This week I focused on studying and preparing for my exams, so unfortunatley I did not dedicate the time I usually put into this research as I usually would. However, my list for common words on the website is growing. If you remember, my duty last week for the next two weeeks (because of finals) was to create a list of words that are commonly used in Scratch and AppInventor. I will share my final list within the coming weeks, as well as update everyone on how my custom blocks, GUI, and block functionalities are coming along. In addition, my group and I were excepted into SIGCSE 2017, which is being held in Seattle, WA! We are very excited to continue to share about our research and continue to add our accomplishments with our project! Stay tuned :)

Thank-you and Happy Holidays!

Written on December 13, 2016