More into the Graphics...

Herkese Merhaba! :)

From my last post, I shared how I was able to do basic graphics for Hopper’s Fables! I continue to work on improving the graphics and met up with my research mates to share and explain how I did this. From there, each of us was able to make a little more progress in our graphics. However, after attempting to further our graphics I found that perhaps using the canvas element was not a good choice. The reason for this was because while coding a particular graphic, I wondered as to how the block was going to know to manipulate certain graphics. After further research, I came to realize that maybe just creating the graphics without the canvas element would be smarter. This because if I use plain HTML, I can assign each graphic component an id. With this id, I can use it in the JavaScript and with the blocks. This will be a lot easier to manipulate with, and I spent the week trying to mess with both sides of with and without the canvas element. In addition, I made changes to the term commonalities and made them more focused for what our project is about. In additon, I have created a wiki page for our research group containing posters and presentations we have presented, and also what we are doing! This information can be found at our groups github!

Written on January 20, 2017