Study Interaction Case and Graphics Update!

Zdravo, svima! :) (Hello, Everyone in Bosnian)

Last week, I mentioned that I was responsible for creating a case study. This study was to analyze how elementary students interacted with specific words given to them. What I accomplished this week was detailing the study and progressing more in my graphics. To sum up, the study is compromised of drawing the shapes for common words, in different manners. For example, the word loop might have 3 or 4 different associated drawings. The student then will pick which shape they believe “loop” best represents. In addition, they will be asked to complete a paper matching exercise and wil be shown a demonstration. This demonstration will consist of us (the researchers) explaining to the students what we want them to understand from the word.

Moreover, to get a better idea of how to design our blocks better, we will conduct a color association evaluation. This will also help us figure out why that color would match that particular word.

Now to talk about graphics. What I learned is that choosing to use the HTML5 canvas tag is not a deal breaker. Because of this, I opted not to use it. I also learned about how I will mesh the blocks that I already created a file for with the new graphics file. I learned more about the power of using the <div> tag and some other useful HTML knowledge that will make the creation of graphics easier.

My goal for this week is to write a detailed description of how our research team will conduct this study. And also write out why we are doing a particular exercise. In other words, what exactly are we trying to find through doing this exercise with the students. What are the “right” questions to ask them to get the best reponses for them. I chose a “mixed-medium”, if you will, of conducting this study because I predict students will provide us with different responses through different interactions.

Written on February 3, 2017