Creating the Activties :)

Herkese Merhaba Arkadaşlar :) (meaning: Hi there friends in Turkish)

This week I was in charge of making the actual activities worksheets for our case study which we will use next week! Basically, I used the terms my group mates and I all gathered from other exsisting block languages to find some kind of commonality. With those terms, I picked the most similar ones to the terms we decided we would be using in our game which are: walk, turn right, turn left, pick up/add to cart, and loop. For those who do not remember, our game is a shopping store game! There are three activities that will be administered to students, and from this we are certain it will be a game to be understood and enjoyed by kids! Mostly because, they are the ones that had a big part choosing which terms we would be using! In addition, my group mates and I met up this week to discuss the layout of where our game would be! We discussed on where to place things and which color theme we should use. As I said in my last post, setting up the layout is harder than it seems (and more fun that it seems!) and I am always trying to write code to better display the layout! Last week, I only had a few things on the page, but this week there is progress not much but some! I was able to position the div’s where I wanted and was able to use a class and a wrapper! Though not to their full potential but hey I was able to use them! I will keep you guys updated with this layout!

I learned this week that the wrapper is like a container, just as a container would be in C++ or Java, and that a class is where you are able to write the same code for every object you select that share similar properties…I may have not expalined it well but YouTube was very helpful in showing me the wrapper and class’s capabilites! I also learned a little bit on how to write functions in JavaScript. I will share more about that once I have a solid function to show you all!

Now that the conference is close, my team mates and I are trying to work our hardest to show at our poster session! We are really trying to have a basic prototype before March 8th. This being said, I have shared to my other group mates on the process I am taking to make this basic template for our game and they will begin to help me this coming week! We are also preparing our poster and will be analyzing the data we recorded from the case study we will administer later this week!

Written on February 24, 2017