Hopper's Fables Web App is in the midst...:)

Hello, Guys :)

This week was very interesting because I got to really test my web developing skills! Basically what I did was really focus in creating Hopper’s Fables Web Application platform and also creating one more character for our game (so far I have created 2 characters). Creating the web app platform was quite tricky because of the problem I have been struggling with the past two weeks! This being, divs, classes, wrappers, and also now adding padding, margin, and something about flex box and inner tubes! :O Who knew positioning a certain layout would be so challenging but it was very fun :) I will attach links below for you all to see :)

Grace Hopper Character Pixel, Snapshot of H.F. Web App Platform

Also, this week I started working on the homepage for the game :) So basically, the user will go to for example “www.hoppersfables.io”, and they will see the homepage with animation prompting them to enter the game area. They are then redirected to the actual game area with the blocks and stuff :) So that is what I have also concurrently been working on and will also be working on this part for this comming week :) In addition to continuing to work on the homepage and actual game functionality, my group mates and I are preparing to go to the SIGCSE Conference this coming Wednesday! We are very excited to present all of work and showcase our poster that Cindi has created :)

What I learned this week was that it is important to put the styling of the website in another file, commonly known as the css file. It makes it easier to read and it looks cleaner. Right now, I have my css inside my html located in a style tag and will also work on putting all the style stuff in it own file. I also learned this week how to use “@web-kit”, which is used for animation, and more about html and how to properly place things.

Written on March 3, 2017