SIGCSE Conference ! :)

Herkese Merhaba :)

Hello, guys :) In the week of March 5 - March 11, my group mates and I prepared for our poster presentation for the SIGCSE Conference :) We were very excited to share our research project on Friday afternoon and also to share with everyone the details of it! Before leaving to the conference, we working on finalizing our poster so that we could get it printed and in addition I was able to make some progress in the Hopper Fables website! When there is a big change in the site, I will definitely post a picture of it here :)

My research group’s goal this week was to present our research poster and to attend different sessions that perhaps could help us further ourresearch, or perhaps shed light into an area we did not think of that would make our project better :) In addittion, we wanted to focus on really trying figure out the best way we can share with people at the conference our vision and aspirations with this project for the
future :)

While at the conference (March 8th- March 11th) I learned many new things! I was able to attend some very cool sessions regrading CS in Education/Classrooms. One of the sessions was “Google Supporter Session: New Tools and Solutions to Address the CS Capacity Crunch”, and I found this one to be the most interesting because of the variety of “ways” each of the professors went about their Computer Science class. Some of the “ways” they talked aboutwere self-paced learning and training for undergraduate peer mentors. It was really nice and exciting to see how these professors devoted a lot time into their class and have a big passion to make CS less intimidating.

At the conference, there was a room with many different companies that you could go up to and talk to. The one I learned new infromation from was the IBM Booth :) They shared with me about IBM Watson and talked to me about the Visual Recognition. I found this information to be very interesting because I am touching on that subject in my special topics calls and how machine learning works with things like facial recognition.

ALso, while at our poster session, I was talking to someone who taught I believe game design courses and he was so kind to share some helpful advice as to what we could use to create our game characters :) If you remember, I was using a website called pixelsapp, but my group decided to go a different route because pixel characters and a pixel background might be difficult to look at. So what he had suggest was using an app calledpencil, so I will give that a go :)

Coming back home from the conference, my group mates and I will be working more intensely with the blockly API and on creating a better GUI :) And for those who are interested to checking out our poster, I have it posted below :)


Written on March 12, 2017