Organizing code...

Hola Todos :)

This week I was organzing Hopper’s Fables code so that it is more readable for my other group mates to work on :) This was kind of a daunting task because I did not realize how messy I wrote it :O (bad Kate! hehe). My mistake was that I had embedded the css code and javascript code all in the one html file. This made it hard to read, understand, and to follow. And because I am building my relationship with web development (its a tough relationship we have haha), it took me some time but overall I think the code is better :)

This coming week, I will work on creating all the graphics needed for our game, update my research groups wiki, and also change Hopper’s Fables website from static to dynamic (By that I mean it the contents of the page resize with the window).

Though organzing the code took me some time, I saw how working with the code after organzing it made my job to create the website easier :) I also made note of how comments would have helped me save a lot of time because I was trying to decipher many times why I wrote a line of code a certain way, or why I used this specific technique!

Written on March 17, 2017