Character Creation

Hello, Everyone :)

So….FINALLY I found something I could use for free to create our game’s characters and backgrounds! As you know, I have been searching the web constantly to find a software to create all the graphics. The website I found to do this was! It is not the most efficient way (its very time consuming) but it get’s the job done and I like how the graphics have turned out so far! So this week I focused on creating the characters and making them look “school ready”. I currently creating the different backgrounds and will create I think one more character :) The thing I am also considereing when creating the graphics making sure it is gender neutral :)

Our team’s goal this week was to get the graphics mostly done! In addition, getting the blocks to control the characters :) Two of my research mates are figuring out that part while I am focusing on the graphics!

Next week, I will be on spring break so I will continue research on April 10!

Below, I have attached some screenshots of the graphics created with vectr!

Image uploaded from iOS

Image uploaded from  iOS-2

Image uploaded from  iOS-3

Written on March 31, 2017