Finishing the graphics & more...

Hello, Everyone :)

This week, I was able to create the last character for the game, a koala, and also finished the backgrounds for each of the scenes my group decided on! Because of this, I am now able to join forces with my other research mates to create the code that will determine the functionalities of the graphics. Cindi was successful in putting her latest work and progress of this task onto our github! I spent the week trying to learn how to do this so we can get these blocks going! Not an easy thing to pick up on but I am really glad and thankful one of our teammates got a feel for it so she can help me out!

Our goal this coming week is to at least get each of the character matched with an already done block functionality.

I learned this week that, as always, you really dont now if you know something until your start implementing it! Having someone who has been already working on this task is good because she can share her struggles and give us recommendations so we can move forward better.

Written on April 15, 2017