The Graphics will Never End...

Hey, Guys!

This week I have been working on graphics once again (shocking right??). Last week I shared that I was in the midst of finishing…however if you recall in my previous posts, I shared that the way we are going to be making the character move was by having many frames of them, which I forgot about. But it is not too big of problem since I made each of the characters in pieces, like a puzzle, I only had to remake their arms, legs, and maybe redirect their eyesight. So you can think of the way we are making our characters move almost like stop motion but not really because it will not be noticble since they JavaScript will make it look smooth. In additon to creating the different character frames, I have continued to “mess” with tyring to the get the blocks to move with my other researchmates.

Our goal is to still get at least one character funcitoning right and hopefully having the character frameworks will be easy to coordinate.

This coming week, my research mates and I will work on really getting our goal reached! Though since it is the time of the semester where there are final exams and final projects, it might be hard to get all of us together instead of working on it by ourselves.

Written on April 21, 2017