Hopper's Layout

Hola, todos :)

This past week I was working on the layout of Hopper’s Fables Web App. I did this already in the past and it was messy and then I cleaned up the code. However, I did not design it write and did not practice the correct HTML layout techniques. This time, I am using (or rather attempting) CSS Flexbox Layout which will make the appreance of the web app look a lot better and also nothing will be hard coded. In addition, my team and I have added to graphics we needed so I am working on those currently.

ALSO! I learned how to properly us classes and ids between HTML and CSS so I am able to control the layout better! This was really exciting for me because I got confused when using them the last time I did the layout. Not only that, I also understood the full difference between padding and margin. Knowing these information, I am sure this new layout will be much better.

Written on May 22, 2017