Coding the Math Portion :)

Hola, Todos :)

Since I am free of graphics :), I was able to take time this past week to revising the code and making sure I understand everything that has been coded so far from my research mates :) Deja, took time also to explain the main part of the code for our game so that I could do my portion for the game, being the math section. The code was pretty straight forward, but you never know if you really understand unless you start to actually code the functionalities.

So this week, I did that and was coding the math sections and making sure I am embedding the correct math questions into our game. In addition, I learned more about JavaScript and how to call functions, and also create functions. It was a little slow at first because I was trying to remember the basic set up for a functionality and it is not perfect but by next week it should be down. Also this week, I tried to figure out how our team can get more than one block to execute because right now, if you put more than one command in the block sequence, then it does something weird. That has been a challenge we are facing but I am sure we will find the solution :)

Written on June 29, 2017