Coding and Deploying :)

Hello, Everyone :)

This past week I was working on developing the “pop-up” math questions that the player encounters while playing Hopper’s Fables. In addition, I was put in charge in deploying our project on our google cloud so that it can be accessible on the internet for others. So far, both tasks are not done but they are coming along. The problem I am facing with the “pop-up” math questions is having an image also appear for them to answer the question if it is needed. In addition, I have been having to research how to get a “pop-up” math question to “execute” in between blocks. This is because right now, the setup is configured to having the math question appear after once game scence. For now, that is ok but we would like to surprise the player so they do not expect it :)

The way I started doing these “pop-up” math questions was by using the html form tag (which is a bit complicated), and creating many functions but luckily my research mate Deja had a better solution :)

As far as deploying our website, I have only got it to display an “ugly skeleton” version. I will attach a photo below of what it looks like, and what it is supposed to look like: 8336797a39984a35ba7183602c76b4f3 Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 2.57.21 PM

This comming week, I will continue to solving these issues.

Written on July 7, 2017