Coding and Deploying pt. 2

Hello :)

This past week I have been continuing to work on deploying our project and creating the math pop ups. So far no luck on both tasks, however some people today gave me some recommendations to try out:

  1. create a div and populate it with elements that present the math question and answer entry area.
  2. Bootstrap Modal Plugin
  3. Jquery Dialog

Originally, I was trying to make the swal alerts (sweet alerts, an alternative to regular alerts just these are more artsy), but the problem I could not overcomme was the timing. By that I mean we have other swal alerts in the game that notify the player when they have completed a level. They math question should pop up before the other alert of letting the player know they can move on, because answering the math question correct/wrong determines if they do move on. I believe it has something to do with the setTimeOut() functions and lets see if I can continue to play with those.

I will try those recommendations today :) As far as deploying the website, I keep getting just the skeleton :( I contacted the google cloud services to see if they can get me in a better direction :) But I need to figure this out before this coming monday because we will be testing our game with some students from Girl’s Inc. and getting their thoughts on it so far.

Until these tasks are done, I will continue to work on them this comming week.

Written on July 14, 2017