The start of our Rubric for our Block Language

¡Hola, hola Amigos! :)

This week my mates and I started discussing more about building our project. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Amber Wagner, put together a milestones spreadsheet now that we have a good foundation to really start putting together our block language. It is very exciting because everyone has great ideas and are doing such wonderful research for our project to succeed! :D Go Project Mates !! One of the things we talked about were, what our block language name should be and though we did not come up with anything just yet, we agreed it should be something fun students will laugh at :)

I also explored and played with more exsisting block languages to see what I liked about them and what I did not like about them. By doing this, it would help me better understand as a user, what are the important charactersistics a block language should have. Some things I noted that I believe should included in the rubric we are developing are simplicty, hints/guides, creativeness, and content retention. My favorite block language that I used was the projects in the Made with Code website. This was because it was straightfoward, clear, and the projects were very interesting and imaginative!

In addition, I have been progressing in my HTML/CSS learning on Code Academy :) This is important for me to learn as it will be one of the languages we use to building our block language :) I plan to, within the next two weeks, begin to learn JavaScript, another language we will use.

Written on September 26, 2016