A Redesign....

This week, aside from working from the layout, my team and I had a change of heart for the visual design of Hopper’s Fables. Deja worked on organizing the blocks with the graphics, with the story….it sounds complicated and it was! However, thanks to Deja’s lead we were able to really get down to what we needed. We decided to scrap my previous graphics and go to a different approach. This may have back tracked us a little, however I know this approach we are taking will be better than our previous one! Originally, all of the graphics were in “1st person” perspective, and know to make it easier for the students and the success of the game, we decided to merge to perspectives, so the game will be seen at a 45 degree. I did not have to completely start over, but as for backdrops I did. But since the first time I started, I get quicker at it :) My research mates and I spent a good amount of time really going into detail about what graphic will go with what scene!

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Finishing the graphics & more...

Hello, Everyone :)

This week, I was able to create the last character for the game, a koala, and also finished the backgrounds for each of the scenes my group decided on! Because of this, I am now able to join forces with my other research mates to create the code that will determine the functionalities of the graphics. Cindi was successful in putting her latest work and progress of this task onto our github! I spent the week trying to learn how to do this so we can get these blocks going! Not an easy thing to pick up on but I am really glad and thankful one of our teammates got a feel for it so she can help me out!

Our goal this coming week is to at least get each of the character matched with an already done block functionality.

I learned this week that, as always, you really dont now if you know something until your start implementing it! Having someone who has been already working on this task is good because she can share her struggles and give us recommendations so we can move forward better.

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Finally! :) We can start coding! :)

This past weeks, my group mates and I have been really focusing on nailing down our rubric so we can go ahead and start the implementation of our block language, Hopper’s Fables. If you look in my past posts you will see that I was responsible for making 4 items for the rubric. In our meeting, we got together and again talked about our portion of the rubric and went over the three-point system. We then grouped all of portions together to make one final rubric! I am happy with the turn out of our rubric and have a good feeling that we are in very good position, as a block language. Overall, we really want to focus and make sure that our rubric helps the user as best possible and that it looks appealing! We are able to verify this with our research that the “looks” of our content and helping user’s is very important :)

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