Finally! :) We can start coding! :)

This past weeks, my group mates and I have been really focusing on nailing down our rubric so we can go ahead and start the implementation of our block language, Hopper’s Fables. If you look in my past posts you will see that I was responsible for making 4 items for the rubric. In our meeting, we got together and again talked about our portion of the rubric and went over the three-point system. We then grouped all of portions together to make one final rubric! I am happy with the turn out of our rubric and have a good feeling that we are in very good position, as a block language. Overall, we really want to focus and make sure that our rubric helps the user as best possible and that it looks appealing! We are able to verify this with our research that the “looks” of our content and helping user’s is very important :)

In addition, we have been working on getting more familiar with Blockly’s API, HTML, and Javascript as this coming week will will start to code. I will be responsible for putting the Blockly code on our groups GitHub repository and making sure that I inject it properly.

Written on October 24, 2016