The begining of our SIGCSE Preparations!

Hola, Hola Amigos :)

This past week was quite busy! A continuation of the past two weeks are still being worked on, like the graphics, and in addition we are getting ready for our SIGCSE Conference coming up in March! This week I was in charge of doing the following: IRB Training, CREU Travel Request for SIGCSE, posting to everyone my evaluated existing languages (Scratch Jr. and App Inventor), and creating a Study Outline. The study outline consists of all of my group mates evaluated existing languages and making a plan to test them on a study group. Our study group will be a group of elementary students and what the study outline is supposed to do is see how the students react to the words we have gathered from our specific assigned languages! I will share the outcomes of this study when we have administered to the studetns! In addition, I will share the progress of my graphics this comming week :)

Written on January 27, 2017