Finals Week Crazieness

Hola :)

This week I have been preparing for my final exams for the following week and also working on our project. As always (hehe since I am always writing about this) I am working on the graphics and making sure it is appealing and fun. Mostly, I am creating details of the graphics such as the clock above the board, or a background for the window. I believe all these details will make our game have a positive and fun experience with the users. And as I said before, these graphics take time since I have not found a faster way than my current technique, being using point vectors. I also learned this week an easy way to recreate some similar objects, instead of recreating the whole thing from scratch, is making layers and this also me to use different pieces of a completed object (hopefully this makes sense). Our goal is to continue to make progress in our graphics, blocks, and linking the blocks to the graphics.

Written on April 28, 2017