Demo-ing on students :)

Hola, a todos :)

This week was exciting because I was able to go to Girl’s Inc. and demo our Hopper’s Fables game on 6 & 7 year olds :) This was crucial for our team to do because for feed back on what to improve and also for our results section for the paper we are writing to submit :) Overall, the students enjoyed the game because they liked the graphics :) However, what I discovered was that they were having a hard time playing the game unless I was right next to them telling them step by step what to do. From this observation, I felt that perhaps our game is better suited for any older age group.

In addition, while at Girl’s Inc., I was supposed to conduct our overdue Activies plan. To remind you all, the activties consisted of activities to better build our lanugage such as color association and word synonyms. However, the students found the activities unengaging so they quickly lost focus and started to do there own thing.

Also, the two pressing task from last week are still unresolved. Though I was able to make progress (thanks to google forums and online coding communities) it still is not perfect. The math pop ups are able to run on their own fine but getting them to syn with the timeout functions with the main code is still an issue. I tried to see if I can get some positive results by just rewriting a function with timeouts and taking them out to get it to work with the math, but I am unsure how that will affect the game as a whole.

To wrap up this weeks work, I finished writing my portion of our paper and share with our mentor about the study conducted at Girl’s Inc..

This week, my goal is make the math pop up work by Wednesday and continue to deploy our project on the google cloud.

Written on July 22, 2017