The end of an era...the CREU era..

Bom Dia :)

Hello, guys :) This week was bitter-sweet…bitter because it was our last week with CREU and sweet because some progress was made in the tasks I have been having troubles with from the past two weeks :)

To begin, if you guys remember I was trying to upload our github project on the Google Cloud Platform…and after trying for two weeks and reaching out to their support, I figured I would try this week doing it through Github :) Just how my blog right now is on the internet for all to see :), using the “” extension at the end of my blogs repository, perhaps I could do that with our project.

Github allows you (I believe…but not 100% sure) to have one free site for your repo and so I tried changing our github project’s repo name, adding the extenstion at the end. After that did not work, I tried making our project own github account and mirroring the project but got an error during the process.

I will continue to work on this because we want everyone to access our game of course :)

As far as the math, it just a matter of me finding a way to integrate it to our main code. My last (absolute last hehe) restort since my methods this week didn’t work, is to rewrite the code of our game without the timeouts and jsut reconfigure it. By rewrite I mean just make a very very simply version just to get the math in there :)

Though CREU ends saturday, I will continue to work on this project because I think our purpose is great and for those who are at GHC to see our game better :) To help students with learning disabilities :) And will keep posting here on the updates :)

Muchas Gracias CREU for a lovely experience in the world of research :)

Written on July 28, 2017